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Mageroy Farm (Raymond Sizaire)

Mageroy Farm (Raymond Sizaire)

rue du Chaudfour , 4
6723   Habay-la-Vieille

Téléphone   063/42.29.08
Fax   063/42.29.08
GSM   0477/55.09.73
GSM   0494/59.64.22


Mageroy farm in located in Habay-la-Vieille, not far from the Villa de Mageroy that gives the farm its name...

It's a dairy farm with Pied-noir Holstein, Red Holstein and Montbéliarde cows. A few meat-producing cows bring diversity to this 284-acre farm. The farm shop in the centre of the village offers you a wide range of dairy products.

The products:

Natural yogurt (small and large sizes), 12 varieties of fruit yoghurt (small and large sizes), chocolate mousse, dairy-based desserts (vanilla cream dessert, vanilla and chocolate cream dessert, coffee cream dessert, rum and raisin cream dessert and rice pudding), fromage frais and fromage frais light. Salted and unsalted butter, unpasteurised milk, creme fraiche, waffles and jams.


The producer's recipe

Maquée fromage frais tart

Ingredients: 500g maquée fromage frais, 50g sugar, 50g flour, 50g creme fraiche, 2 eggs, 1 shortcrust pastry base, 50g apple compote.

Whisk the maquée, the sugar, the flour, the creme fraiche and the eggs together. Line a greased baking tin with the pastry, cover with a layer of compote and add the whisked mixture to it. Cook at 180°C for 45 min.

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