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Le Délice de la Sûre

Le Délice de la Sûre

Chaussée de Neufchâteau , 71
6640   VSS

Site   http://www.hartman-delice.be
Téléphone   061/25.52.26
GSM   0475/43.74.20

Délice de la Sûre owes its sweet taste to a long maturing process and a unique recipe that is inspired by an old tradition. It's a cured, dry ham smoked with beech wood that has a great taste.

Hartman businesses have been unfailing in their abilities to develop and diversify to adapt to the demands of different economic situations and because of this, they have become what we call an ancienne maison. The family story began in 1925 when Edouard Hartman opened a butcher's shop in the centre of Vaux-sur-Sûre. The business soon moved towards pig slaughter and the pork trade. In 1992, when Jean-Pol Hartman took over from his father Roger, he wanted to diversify. After this development, a new chain of dried and smoked hams was born: the ‘Délice de la Sûre'.


The best way of appreciating the quality of the Hartmann company products is to taste them!


The products:

Délice de la Sûre ham owes its sweet taste to a long maturing process and a unique recipe that is inspired by an old tradition. Its unbeatable quality is down to the natural food and careful selection of pig farmers.



After an initial pH, weight and fat content check, the hams are dry salted and placed on shelves to be placed in the salting tub for 11 days.

They are then brushed, hung and sent to a standing chamber for 5 months.

After standing, they are smoked for a fortnight. This is carried out with chilled beech logs.

The hams are then covered in lard for a long maturation process of 8 to 12 months.

The producer's recipe

Ham roulé with cheese and spices


Ingredients: (for 4 people) 4 slices of ‘Délice de la Sûre' ham, 100gr cream cheese, basil, chives, curry powder and nutmeg.  


Divide the cheese in four. Mix each portion of cheese with basil, chives, curry powder and nutmeg. Put each mixture on a slice of ham and roll it. You can then slice each roll. This is to be served as an aperitif or as starter with a salad.

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