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La Rulles (Beer)

La Rulles (Beer)

Rue Maurice Grévisse , 36
6724   Rulles

GSM   0477/864.801
Fax   063/41.18.55
Site   https://www.larulles.be
E-mail   info@larulles.be
Téléphone   063/41.18.38


Rulles is a river that has given its name to this internationally-renowned beer...

In 2000 the Rulles brewery opened its doors. After making a few creations, Rulles beer soon established itself in the region as a leading beer. After only a few years, recognition in a world-wide competition brought it prestige. Today it is one of the region's star products that has made Gaume known all over the world.

The products:

?? Rulles blonde is brewed with pilsen and amber malts for a light golden beer with a delicate biscuit taste. Its special feature is its sweetness combined with a strong bitterness. It has an alcohol volume of 7% .

??Rulles triple is the result of a search for body and uncompromising bitterness that has created a beer to be savoured. This ideal combination will leave you surprised. It has an alcohol volume of 8.4%. It won the prestigious Belgian Coq de Cristal prize in 2006.

??Rulles brune has been produced from an amber, caramelised and roasted pilsen malts base. This beer is predominently malty without drowning out the fruitiness and bitterness. It has an alcohol volume of 6.5%. It won the prestigious Belgian Coq de Cristal prize in 2006.

??Rulles estivale is a bitter and very refreshing drink for summer. It has an alcohol volume of 5.2% and it is drunk chilled.

??Rulles cuvée meilleurs vœux is a brown ale ideal for Christmas. Granted the title of Best beer in the world by the Danish Beer Enjoyers Society, this beer has been specially brewed with the festive season in mind. It has an alcohol volume of 7.3% .

??Rulles Grande Dix is a light beer with fruity aromas. It is a vintage beer in limited production. It has an alcohol volume of 10%.

You can visit the brewery on appointment.  You need around one and a half hours for the visit, which includes a visit of the facilities and a tasting session of our products. Minimum 10-person group.

Reservations: visite@larulles.be - +32(0)496.694.888

The producer's recipe

Rulles trout

Ingredients: 1 trout per person, some Jerusalem artichokes, roquette, Rulles blonde beer, apple cider vinegar, butter, salt and pepper.

Cut the fillets of trout up to the gills and remove the bones. Roll the fillets inwards and place them on a tray. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for approximately 15 minutes in a 120°C oven. Remove the juice from cooking. Add the butter and the Rulles beer to this juice. Reduce. Season as needed. Prepare the Jerusalem artichokes. Garnish with roquette and apple cider vinegar.

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