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L'Asinerie de l'Ô - a donkey farm

L´Asinerie de l´Ô - a donkey farm

de Bua , 26 a
6723   Habay-la-Vieille

Téléphone   063/433800
Fax   063/433800
E-mail   contact@asinerie.be
Site   http://www.asinerie.be

Type of activity: equestrian activities

L'Asinerie is a livestock farm and a production farm: hay, organic vegetables and direct selling...it's also a farm where you can find guided donkey rides!

Around forty acres are farmed for pasture land, for hay or for vegetables.

With the help of the donkeys, soil is worked gently and with respect. The soil isn't forced, it's coaxed to benefit its biological activity and to limit subsidence and erosion.

To maintain the balance of life and encourage ecological diversity, we try to maintain all life on the cultures (insects, auxiliaries, etc.). To do this, we have planted different kinds of hay, each with its own use. Some protect against the wind, others help pollinators, while others protect against sprays from outside our farm.

Naturally, we don't use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Animal traction is a added benefit. No dependancy on oil and its continuing increases, no greenhouse gas emissions, no noise, no soil pollution risk (rubber, oils, etc.) and the soil remains mobile and aereated without heavy machinery flattening the earth.

With Les Jardins de l'Asinerie , we are investing in quality food and sustainable development in the area.


The products:

Garlic, chard, carrots, artichoke thistle, chicory, broccoli, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, red cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, cucumber, squash, courgettes, watercress, Chinese artichokes, shallots, spinach, fennel, broad beans, green beans, lettuce, sweetcorn, melons, turnips, onions, parsnips, parsley, plantains, leeks, peas, radish, rutabaga, tetragonia, Jerusalem artichokes.

There is a wide range of vegetables available to you.

Vegetables sold on order from Monday to Friday can be collected at the donkey farm. Orders can also be collected from Arlon at ‘la Toupie' (75 Avenue Victor Tesch, 6700 Arlon) on Fridays from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.

Vegetables are available in season from June to December

The advantages

  • You are informed of the products available every week.
  • Your order is picked on the day you choose to collect it, which guarantees fresh produce with a longer consumption duration.
  • You participate in helping sustainable social development.
  • The products are all our own. No products are bought and resold.
    This is why you can only buy products that are regional and in season.
  • You pay the same price as a wholesaler.

You must order your vegetables 24 hours in advance

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