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The Haute Sûre and Forest of Anlier natural park

?? The Haute-Sûre and Forest of Anlier natural park was created by a decree made by the Wallon government on 12 July 2001. It was initiated by the association of 6 communes that formed the structure "Pouvoir Organisateur du Parc naturel Haute-Sûre Forêt d'Anlier" that included the communes of Bastogne , Fauvillers , Vaux-sur-Sûre , Martelange , Habay and Léglise. The territory covered almost all the catchment basin of the Haute-Sûre, as well as the enormous surface of the Forest of Anlier. In January 2002, the Head of the Park was appointed and the management committee was set up. On 01/01/2012, a technical team made up of 12 people was implemented. The powers granted are: the environment, land management and planning, agriculture, education, tourism, communication and administrative management.

Experience- Pilot for extension of a Wallon natural park The management commitee and the Pouvoir Organisateur signed a partnership agreement with the commune of Neufchâteau , a candidate for membership of the natural park. In September 2009, an association agreement was adopted that established the terms and conditions of a 3-year cooperation. In 2012,when this ended, the natural park's Pouvoir organisateur suggested proceeding with the modification of the Park's perimetre in agreement with the management committee and on request of the commune of Neufchâteau. The natural park covers all the administrative territories of the 7 communes, representing a surface of nearly 200 acres with approximately 42,000 inhabitants.

The territory has 3 main tourist offices: Pays d'Arlon, Pays de Bastogne and Forest of Anlier . It also has 6 tourist information centres and 2 tourist offices:

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