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Honey from the Vallée de L'Attert natural park

Honey from the Vallée de L´Attert natural park

Rue Nouvelle , 32
6700   Arlon

Téléphone   063/22.61.75
GSM   0498/42.61.08

The "La porte des Ardennes" apiary is located in Lischert in the Val d'Attert...

The apiaries in this valley are productive and have a very diverse pollen-gathering area in terms of honey flowers and natural landscape.

The beekeepers owe their beautiful harvest to the countless hedges, embankments and road sides that produce so much nectar, to the fields filled with honey flowers, the uncultivated land, the clear land, certain diverse mixed forests as well as numerous small orchards in the rural inhabited areas.

The products

Spring and summer multi flower honey

The producer's recipe

Soft gingerbread

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 250g honey, 90g sugar, 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, 125cl milk, 1 pinch of powdered aniseed, 275g flour

Dissolve the honey and the sugar in the warm milk. Pour this mixture over the egg yolks. Incorporate the bicarbonate of soda, the aniseed, the flour and then the whites beaten stiff. Mix until very smooth. Put into a greased cake tin. Cook at a gentle heat for 50 minutes.

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