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Fauvillers Orchard

Fauvillers Orchard

Fauvillers , 256
6637   Fauvillers

Téléphone   063/600910
E-mail   dewez.ph@belgacom.net


Monique and Philippe's orchard provides them with apples and pears that are juiced and bottled in Halanzy...

There is apple juice in a mixture of varieties such as Belle fleur, Rainette de Blenheim, Président Roulin, Joseph Musch, quastresse double, radoux amongst others. There is apple and pear juice made with Conference and William Bon Chrétien pears. The mixture with other apples and pears from the village leads to a greater diversity.

Our products:

Apple juice
Apple and pear juice


The producer's recipe

Vanilla and honey creme caramele
1/2 litre farm milk
4 whole eggs
100g honey
1 vanilla pod
Pour the milk into a saucepan, add 50g of honey and the split and grated vanilla pod, Bring to the boil..
Break the eggs into a dish and mix with the rest of the honey. Pour the boiling milk over the eggs.
Beat the mixture and split into ramekins.
Cook in a 180°C oven for 20 minutes.

To be savoured with an apple juice naturally!!!

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