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Fauvillers Apiary

Fauvillers Apiary

Fauvillers , 256
6637   Fauvillers

Téléphone   063/600910
E-mail   dewez.ph@belgacom.net

Located in a garden planted with linden trees in the centre of Fauvillers, the family apiary that is managed by Philippe and his son Corentin reaps the benefit of this varied location...

Dandelions from the nearest fields make up the predominant taste in the springtime honey collection and in summer, the honey tastes of orchard trees, raspberry bushes and many other flowers. In the honey collected around 15 August, linden flower can be tasted as well as the epilobium that is well-known in Ardennes and white clover.

The products

Springtime honey rich in dandelion

Multi flower and blossom summertime honey
15th August honey with linden flower, epilobium and white clover

The producer's recipe

Vanilla and honey creme caramel

1/2 litre milk from the farm
4 whole eggs
100g honey
1 vanilla pod
Pour the milk in a saucepan, add 50g honey and the split and grated vanilla pod. Bring to the boil.

Break the eggs into a dish and mix with the rest of the honey. Pour the boiling milk over the eggs.
Beat the mixture and split into ramekins.
Cook in a 180°C oven for 20 minutes.

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