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Dion-Robaye Farm

Dion-Robaye Farm

Rue du Facteur , 4
6860   Winville

Téléphone   063/433654
Fax   063/433654
Site   http://www.la-ferme-helicicole.be


Maison Dion-Robaye holds host to many areas of expertise in one place

Although the farm is of a modest size (less than 4 acres), it has 300,000 horned creatures on the premises! Before you make a mistake, these are small and gros-gris snails. This farm specialises in snail farming, i.e. raising and fattening snails.

You will also find a biscuit and fresh pastry-making workshop on the premises.

Finally a large organic vegetable garden completes these activities. The vegetables grown here are used to makes the stock that the snails are prepared in and the garden's berries are made into jams and are used for the biscuits.

Most of the vegetables are distributed via a cooperative thanks to the "Grosses légumes" network that distributes around 300 vegetable boxes to the region's inhabitants.

Insistent that the company's development should be environmentally-friendly, Thierry and Nathalie treat the waste water from their production and their home via a lagooning system.

Our products:

Biscuits made from natural products, madeleines, choux, sablés, palets, rochers and frangipanes. All our products are made traditionally, using traditional and artisanal recipes.  

Production of artisanal pastries made with local spelt flour and also pizzas, quiches and spelt breads.

Every year around 300,000 snails are produces between May and October. They are available all year round because they are packaged in sterilised jars, in white wine stock made with vegetables from the garden (Coq de Cristal prize, 2009)

The farm produces organic vegetables: red beetroots, carrots, cabbage and cauliflower, potatoes, lettuce, celery, chard, spinach, sugar loaf, lam's lettuce, onions, shallots, leaks and more.

Remember to order the products in the natural park.

The producer's recipe


Snails, walnuts, a shallot, cream from the farm, salt, ground pepper, cayenne pepper, dry white wine


Grill the walneus. Reduce 200ml wine with the chopped shallot. Deglaze the walnuts with the reduced shallot mixture and add the drained snails.

Thicken with 200ml cream and season.

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